independence day

Summer Spark 2017

We had a huge turnout for this year’s School’s Out Celebration starring The Great Charlini.  And what a magical event it was!  There were lots of hilarious tricks – with rubber chickens, a gravity-defying fishing rod, and disappearing stinky socks.    

A big shout-out to The Great Charlini for helping us start off the summer in such a magical way.  Thanks for all the laughs!  And thank you to the audience for their incredible enthusiasm! 

Huge thanks to our two super-star readers, Mrs. Woodley and Mrs. Hardiman!  They read three hilarious stories full of higgledy-piggledly tongue twisters, ninja pigs and three bears who know how to rock!  What fun!  We topped off the afternoon with free books and refreshments.

Thanks to all who showed up to support their principal!  Mrs. Woodley and Mrs. Hardiman, YOU BOTH ROCK!


Principal Reader Staci Woodley Colleen Hardiman

We had a fabulous turnout for one of our favorite Principal Readers, Mrs. Foster (clearly, she has a lot of fans!).  She read three thought-provoking books and got us all talking – about ideas, meteorites and babies who perform surgery.  Everyone got to pick out a free book – and then we all enjoyed some cookies and juice.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Foster for gracing us with her presence!