11:15 am:  Musical Tots with Lori Cohen (May 25)
PR Musical Tots

4:30 pm:  Lego My Library (May 25)Lego 1

Next Trains & Tracks:  Friday, June 10 at 11 am

All Aboard!


Trains & Tracks!

Friday, May 20 at 11 am

Our Star Wars party was out of this world! Dozens of Jedi fans joined us, some in costume, to play light saber games and galaxy toss.  We made Yoda ears and very cool R2-D2 crafts.  And, of course, we all enjoyed Jedi juice, Luke Skywater, wookie cookies and Padawan popcorn.  And all without traveling to a galaxy far, far away!


Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?  To get to the Dark Side.

Huge thanks to Ana Morris and Adriana Savo for their fabulous Cinco de Mayo program!  After they showed us some traditional Mexican Dances (great trick with the bow, by the way), they invited children to kick up their heels and dance! When our dancing feet finally slowed down, we enjoyed some Mexican treats and free books!  What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

To see more pictures from our Cinco de Mayo program, CLICK HERE.

TV Monitor Star Wars Party jpg

For children 5 & up!

Costumes are welcome (but not required).

“Remember…the Force will be with you, always.”



Mother’s Day Cards: Saturday, May 7 at 11 am


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